Javier Echánove has the gift of being able to frame what cannot be portrayed: the occult, which is not easily seen, the shy, which reserves itself only for the most intimate look. Emotions which uncover themselves before his innate quality of inspiring confidence: an ability which he has been able to maintain all his life.

To attempt to speak to you about the photography of Javier is in the end to speak to you about this photographer from Madrid with Cantabrian roots who decided to stop looking outwards for emotion and exoticism by understanding that he could encounter it within – within the borders of his country and within its people. Emotions buried in the form of images, and the author of these images, are finally inseparable. A contemplation of his work means accompanying Echánove through a corridor, opening swing doors with his steps, which finally bring us to a little room where we are able to observe the heart of people. Reserved and observer by nature, it is a magic that has brought him to photography. The magic of him being able to tell what he has seen without the use of speech: the magic of revealing a reality in a dark room. The magic of a process which, to be transmitted, requires silence. Thinking about it more deeply, maybe it was photography that found Echánove and enabled him to express what words cannot reach.

 María Rodriguez Bajo – Journalist